The World of Fashion


Fashion industry is seeing a steep rise all over the world. As a result the career opportunities and competitiveness between the people associated with the fashion industry are also increasing. There are various career options available in the fashion arena like fashion designing, marketing, merchandising and fashion consulting. But there is difference between them as they differ in job profile, although they fall under the category of fashion industry itself. There is an increased demand for skilled and talented people for the above mentioned positions in the fashion world. Acquiring a fashion degree is an easy task as there are many institutes who offer the training, degrees & diplomas. But having studied or trained by recognized and authentic institutes hold more value.

Attributes Required

Fashion market is continuously evolving. The trends change seasonably. Fashion is never stagnant, it is never stable. Therefore the people who wish to make a career in fashion industry should be adaptable to such type of changes. They should have the ability to insight the future trends and the flair to study various fashion trends. Generally the world of fashion is associated with glamour and glitz, but the main thing which is required to create a niche for oneself here is the talent and loads of creativity. This field provides an opportunity to get exposure to celebrities, famous brands, superb salary, designer clothes, etc. Although to achieve success in fashion industry is not an easy task it requires lots of struggle, hard work and patience.

Being in fashion field is purely business whether you are a designer or a ramp model. Talent and creativity being an essential component, looking glamorous and up-to-date is also important for people associated with it. Fashion is not everyone’s cup of tea as it puts forth long hours of working, unpredictable work culture and stress for meeting the deadline. But it does provide ample of excitement and inspiration through work.

There are lots of career opportunities available here like- modeling, fashion-designing, retailing, marketing, planning, and distribution. Many technological advancement tools are being developed for fashion industry like CAD/CAM, e-fit, etc. In order to survive the competition and international demand various fashion manufacturing units, retailers and houses should adapt to latest technological offerings.

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Benefits of Hydroponic Vegetable Gardening

Growing your own vegetables every summer can be a very rewarding experience. Nothing tastes better than juicy homegrown tomatoes straight from the vine and cooking your own homegrown vegetables can bring a great sense of satisfaction after all that hard work in the summer heat.

Many people enjoy gardening so much, they’re upset to see autumn weather start to make an appearance and their growing months start to wind down. However, gardening doesn’t have to be a seasonal hobby any longer. Hydroponic gardening allows gardeners to bring their crops indoors when the snow begins to fly, so they can enjoy fresh tomatoes, peppers and lettuce all year long. There are many benefits to hydroponic gardening to consider.

Gardening Anytime

Because hydroponic vegetable gardening does not use soil to grow crops, the environment can be completely controlled by the gardener. This is especially true when plants are grown indoors, away from potential pests and disease that lurk outside. Gardeners have full control over which nutrients the crops receive and how much and how often they receive them. Being able control variables like lighting and water help to ensure the healthiest plants and the best possible harvests. Many gardeners enjoy this aspect of hydroponic gardening most of all, since it helps alleviate the frustration of fighting natural pests and diseases that are common to traditional outdoor gardens.

Good for the Environment

Another big plus for hydroponic vegetable gardening is that it is kind to the environment by using recycled water and nutrients. Hydroponic vegetable gardening can also produce bumper crops in a fraction of the space it takes to grow a traditional vegetable garden. In fact, much hydroponic vegetable gardening that is done consists of plants placed vertically in hanging tubes or on shelves, so many plants can be grown in just a few square feet of space. With space at a premium on our earth today, this conservation of space is a huge contribution to the conservation of our planet.

Ability to Garden Year Round

Since hydroponic vegetable gardening is not dependent on natural elements like sun, rain and warm temperatures, an indoor garden can be grown anywhere and anytime. Many gardeners do their hydroponic vegetable gardening indoors in the winter, using containers and artificial lighting to meet the needs of the plants. This means that gardeners no longer have to shut down their hobby when the snow begins to fly; instead they can enjoy a growing season that literally spans all twelve months of the year. With the many kits and supplies available today, it is not hard to begin hydroponic vegetable gardening at home simply and successfully.

It is no wonder that hydroponic gardening has taken the gardening community by storm in recent years. If you are looking for a way to expand your gardening repertoire, enjoy gardening any time of the year, check out the possibilities in hydroponics today.

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The Legalities and Issues with an IRS Levy

An IRS levy is an order from the Internal Revenue Security directing TVA to withhold a specified amount of an employee’s pay to satisfy a tax debt. If the IRS determines that we owe back tax then it may issue an IRS levy requiring the deductions from the pay till the back taxes are paid. They may ask the person to sign an agreement of consent authorizing the amount to be deducted. The IRS levy can allow an amount to be exempt from withholding based on the o employee’s tax filing station and the number of exemptions claimed.

A legal step taken by Internal Revenue System to seize anyone’s property in order to satisfy his debt is IRS levy. They are different from liens. Lien is just a claim used as security for tax debt whereas in IRS levy they actually take the property to do so. If one cannot make arrangements to settle the debts then the IRS seizes or sells any type of personal or real property which one possesses. For example, the IRS can seize and sell property like boats, houses, cars, etc. Even they can levy property that is actually the debtors’ but is help by someone else like the wages wit the employee, balance at the bank account, license, rental income, etc.

An IRS levy is issued only when he requirements are met. The first condition is when IRS sends a notice or demand for the payment of the tax assessed by them. Secondly, when the person refuses or neglects to pay the tax and lastly when a final notice of Intent to Levy i.e. a legal notice of IRS levy is sent 30 days before the levy. A person receives one more notice with this notice known as Notice of Your Rights to Hearing. These notices can be given anywhere at our business place, at home or can be registered with the return receipt.

One may ask the IRS to review the case or can even request to Office of Appeals by filing a request to the IRS officer listed in our notice. This request filing should be done within 30 days of the receipt of the IRS levy notice.

When the IRS levy, levy our wages, salary or bank account, the levy ends when it is released or when on e pays the tax debt or at the expiry of the time of legal collection of tax. When the IRS levy, levies the bank account, the bank holds the funds in deposit for 21 days. This time is given as the relaxation period to solve the problem at hand. After 21 days, the bank sends the money to the IRS along with the interest, if applicable, to the IRS.

If IRS makes any mistake, like while levying bank account, the bank charges are borne by the debtor. In such a condition one is entitled to have the reimbursement for such charges. For this reimbursement one has to file a claim to the IRS within one year after the bank has claimed the charges.

There are two different types of IRS levy programs. One is FPLP i.e. Federal Payment Levy program and the other is SITLP, which is State Income Tax Levy Program. Under the FPLP, the IRS may levy money from the federal payments received like Social Security benefits, retirement from the Office of Personnel Management, federal employee’s salaries, etc. FPLP electronic levies the federal payments made through Department of Treasury, Financial Management services. When these agencies levy through FPLP, they take 15% from each of the payments till the account is resolved. One can call IRS employee for assistance if he is already working with them.

Under the SITLP, IR levies the state tax refund. This implies to individual state tax refunds only. Inclusion of business tax refunds in the future is under consideration. If the state tax refund is levied, the state issues a notice of advice about the levy. If one receives an advice, legally, for the Rights of Hearing then this IRS notice of advising is not issued.

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